HAO6S Early Childhood

Imagination, creativity, thinking potential

Education is to serve students and parents. Since its establishment, Haolezhi English has won praises from countless parents. It has also gained a certain reputation in the industry. Haolezhi English will make persistent efforts to build the first brand of Jintan English education.

  • Full-time teaching situation interactive teaching, small class teaching to organize children to take Cambridge English test
  • Pure English pronunciation assists and expands school English learning
  • A wide range of courses and activities that allow children to learn English in a comprehensive and immersive manner

Global preference

Lively and interesting class

Bao Lina, senior middle school teacher, senior tutor of Chinese family education, core expert of Jiangsu preschool education evaluation expert group, representative of the team leader has "0-3 years old parent-child guidebook", "Changzhou kindergarten special curriculum from the book" industry eight Certificate, fluency in spoken English, good English reading and writing skills

Sheng Rongrong, honored the first Tao Xingzhi Education Medal, Changzhou Teacher Huaying Award, whose the representative work is "Let Chinese Culture Shine Modern Family", is Nanshi Junxue Business School National School Distinguished Professor Nanjing Education Association Association Family Education Committee

Lydia, Master of Preschool Education, is a co-founder of Good Teacher, COSE Senior Lecturer of Chinese Traditional Culture, Peking University's Successful Family Education and High-Quality Training Instructor, Harvard Children's Senior Emotional Intelligence Tutor

Zou Ye, in 2010, she founded the “Golden Baby”, the first early education center in Jintan. She is now the director of the Petere Giraffe Kindergarten in the Petere Early Education Center.

Yingda, American, Ph.D., engaged in K12 education for more than 20 years, teaching 3 years of teaching excellence in Shane English community 

Wang Xiang, who has been teaching 12 years, is good teacher international bilingual teaching director, gold medal new concept lecturer, head coach for spiking phonetic course development team and Elementary school to junior high school English sprint course development

Tang Wei, pioneering "post-class mathematics module teaching program", many teaching papers won at the provincial and municipal levels, is now the director of the HAO6S mathematics curriculum system teaching and research department, ace coach for mathematics Hualuogeng Cup, Jiayi math

Tina, specializing in English, specializing in EMT-8, is good at junior high school, new concept English, IELTS, EIM Cambridge English, adult business English. Many students in the teaching class take the prestigious schools of Nanwai, Changwai and Qianhuang Middle Schools.

Irene, has the certificate of EMT-8, pioneered the five-dimensional method, known as "old English traditional Chinese medicine", special grammar weak, logical confusion, dyslexia and other intractable diseases

Li Yanjia, who has the English and Chinese dual teacher qualification certificate, is the outstanding coach of the CCTV Hope Star English Contest, the director of the HAO6S Children's English Curriculum System, and the English Course Gold Coach

Deng Juan, who holds the certificate of the kindergarten senior director, is the head teacher of the good teacher Menghe Education Complex Kindergarten, and the head of the development department of HAO6S Early Childhood Curriculum System

Chen Jialin, graduated from Nanjing Normal University with an English major, has the certificate of MET-8, oral English fluency standard, and good English reading and writing skills.

Zhang Wen, graduated from normal school primary education, teaching style: excellence, the pursuit of excellence; initial heart: stick to an ingenuity, watch a growth; love people, guide words, wisdom and wisdom

Chen Ying, graduated from Qufu Normal University in 2017. During his studies, he studied mathematics, psychology and other education-related majors and received various certificates of honor.

Ni Pengcheng, graduated from Yangzhou University, won the first prize of the National College English Contest, IELTS seven points, and has a primary school teacher qualification certificate.

Zhou Guowu, was honored the "International Children's Painting and Calligraphy Competition" organization gold medal, 2018 Jiangsu Province youth "Hua Hero" literary and artistic creation contest best instructor award, and the hundreds of students he coached won awards at national, provincial and municipal level art competitions

Yang Suoxia, now the director of the Teaching and Research Section of the HAO6S Chinese Curriculum System, Chinese writing class, classic Chinese studies, Happy Rubik's essay ace coaches have won many awards at the provincial and municipal levels, and educational papers have been published in publications such as "Caring for the Next Generation Weekly".

Qi Jie, graduated from Sichuan International Studies University, majored in English, and has  Certificate of TEM-4.

Qiu Limin, graduated from Huazhong Teachers College, majoring in primary education.